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Thank you for choosing to learn more about the ISR St. Louis team. We provide a swim program dedicated to reaching as many families as possible with life-saving aquatic skills. While drowning prevention is at the heart of everything we do, we are passionate about the unique needs of your child as an individual.  Our program requires a thorough registration process which gives each instructor the tools necessary to provide the safest lessons possible.  This allows us to work with children on the varying spectrums including autism, downs syndrome and more. ISR STL has been providing self-rescue and extended stroke swim lessons in the greater St. Louis area since 2015.  Read more about each of our team members below!


MEET Christie Cloutman

Owner of ISR St. Louis

Welcome to ISR St. Louis! I have been teaching ISR Survival Swim lessons since 2015 in the St. Louis area. Before I became a Certified ISR Instructor, I was a parent of 3 small children and an ISR mom. I learned of these life-saving lessons after my oldest daughter fell in our hot tub and did nothing to save herself. It was at that moment I learned how quickly and quietly a drowning could occur. And while my daughter was unharmed, I vowed I’d do all I could to protect my children from that happening again. 


ISR lessons were the safety lessons I was looking for - they empowered my daughter to be able to get to the side of the pool if she were to fall in. They enabled her to turn to float for air - to save herself should she ever fall in a body of water again. I watched her from the side of the pool during lessons,  learning incredible things - things I didn't know she was capable of.  And I watched her become confident and competent in the pool. It was the best investment I made as a mother in my children’s safety.  I’m proud to teach these skills in the St. Louis area - and I’m excited to have your little ones for lessons at ISR St. Louis!

Certified ISR Instructor

since 2015

ISR Certified

Each ISR instructor is highly trained and certified to teach ISR's Self-Rescue method through an intensive training program. Instructors are trained not only in-water, but through a series of educational course work in child psychology, physiology and behavioral science.

Certified instructors are required to complete annual reviews and recertification to keep their skills up to date.




As a former collegiate swimmer and USA Certified Swim Coach, Kristen brings years of stroke development experience to ISR St. Louis. Also a Certified ISR instructor, Kristen has the understanding and expertise to transition young swimmers to the Next Level stroke program. In addition to working with littles, Kristen also works with

adults of all swimming abilities and coaches USA Master's Swimming.  

Kristen resides in St. Louis with her two teenage daughters.

Certified ISR Instructor
since 2022




After watching her own children learn to self-rescue with ISR St. Louis, Lindsey became passionate about bringing more access to ISR lessons in St. Charles County.  Having completed training in 2023, Lindsey holds her certification to teach ISR and is excited to be able to train more children to be safer around the water!


In addition to being ISR Certified, Lindsey is a registered nurse and has worked for almost 10 years in the local emergency room.  This position has allowed her to see the worst case scenarios she hopes to help prevent by providing Survival Swim lessons in the St. Charles area.


Lindsey resides locally with her husband, two children,

and puppy!

Certified ISR Instructor
since 2023

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